Get Prepared for Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2011!

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Get prepared for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival this year,  5-9 October 2011! Above is the official poster to be for this year, taken from the poster competition organized by the festival. The creator of this poster is Subiyantoro, the winner from 68 entrees from all over Indonesia and some other countries. Congrats to Subiyantoro!

I believe all the other works are fabulous, the committee must have been working hard in choosing which to win, and I’m glad that this one came out as the one. I myself like the poster very much. I like the color and the graphical illustration at the background, so alive and beautiful, and it sends a message of optimism and movement. The fact that the figure is a girl also means something for the dream that literacy development should be for all. But the most focal I see is the face and the gesture of the figure itself, which show confidence, intelligence and optimism, as if to say “with books at hand, I can conquer the world… and I am a worthwhile person”…

The theme for this year is “Nandurin Karang Awak”, a balinese local believe that says that we should cultivate the land within, nurture the ‘inner us’, that is the mind and heart, potentials and possibilities, as it is the true richness, treasure one can have. Once one has a cultivated inner self, she or he can have an optimistic life regardless the condition, and can vision the future as far as she/he wishes. The 2011 Festival theme is devoted to that mysterious territory within, and its connection with other aspects of life, the outer world.

It’s a literary celebration! I wish the best for 2011 Ubud Festival, and I hope I can join again as volunteer like last year, in whatever role I can help this time. See you in October!

Mei, Balikpapan, 9 March 2011

12 thoughts on “Get Prepared for Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2011!

  1. Posternya Bali banget! Suka dg ilustrasi latarnya yg dekoratif ituh 😀
    Wah, semoga mba Mei bisa ikutan lg di festival tahun ini ya, dan ditunggu nanti cerita dan review buku2 yg dibeli di sana! 😀

    1. mademelani

      Wow… ada kunjungan dari sang creator! 🙂 congrats ya posternya terpilih…! yg aku tulis itu, interpretasi subjektifku, bener gak maksud gambarnya spt itu?
      Blognya menarik sekali, aku suka ilustrasi, pasti aku akan sering jalan2 di sana..

  2. …interpretasinya bebas koq,silakan saja mau berargumen kayak apa. aku lebih seneng setiap audience punya gambaran masing2 🙂 ok deh..siphh! sampai ketemu di UWRF oktober ya” C U ^..^

    1. mademelani

      hi Midie… ya sudah konfirm, krn sdh byk beredar di media juga. Gak lama setelah UWRF 2010 berakhir oktober thn lalu, tgl utk 2011 udah keluar kok, 5-9 Oktober 2011. Sampai ketemu oktober ya 🙂

      1. Midie G

        Hi Mei, thn lalu lokasi workshop nya di area Ubud mana aj ya? Boleh infonya. Lagi cari2 hotel ni. Thanks ya 🙂

    1. mademelani

      Hello Rhana,

      This is not the website of UWRF, I just put a posting about the poster of this year’s event, and I just happened to be participating as a volunteer on last year’s event. If you’re interested to be a volunteer, you can go to its website, and go into the Get Involved section. It’s open now to register as volunteer. I hope you can join as you wish, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the event as a whole 🙂

      Thanks for visiting by my blog! 🙂

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