TBRR Historical Fiction Challenge

I’ve signed up to TBRR (To Be Read and Reviewed) Historical Fiction Challenge, hosted by Hobby Buku. Planned it or not, historical fiction has often been in my reading span and this challenge also aims at reading those books that are already in our TBR (probably for so long!). There are some levels that we can choose to achieve, and for this challenge, I’ll start with the Collector level (to read at least 400 pages a month of historical fiction, for every month from August to December 2012).

And here is the list of five HisFic books I plan to read, one for each month till the end of this year. I’ve chosen only those with prominent historical elements in the past as part of their background or settings:

  1. A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens (French revolution, 1789) – 404 pages.
  2. For Whom the Bell Tolls – Ernest Hemingway (Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939) – 490 pages.
  3. Noli Me Tangere – Jose Rizal (Spanish colonialism in The Philippines, ca. 1880) – 643 pages.
  4. Suite Francaise – Irene Nemirovsky (Nazi occupation in France, around WWII) – 513 pages.
  5. I Am A Cat – Soseki Natsume (social upheaval in Meiji Era, Japan, 1868-1912) – 470 pages.

Let just digest those TBR and and walk into the history through fictions!

UPDATE on 23 August: Have decided to change For Whom the Bell Tolls with Arok Dedes (Pramoedya A. Toer, 560 pages).

4 thoughts on “TBRR Historical Fiction Challenge

    1. mademelani

      yup… it’s been so long since i last read Hemingway’s.. and this book has been sitting on my tbr for so long. good timing and reason to pick it up 🙂
      look forward as well to reading tale of two cities!

  1. Ouw, looking forward to see your review on I Am A Cat, I like Japanese Literature, but some of them really hard to ‘digest’ … so weird but beautiful at the same time. Thanks for joining 😀

    1. mademelani

      yup you said it right. japanese lit is often weird and beautiful at the same time. I am a Cat seems to be sort of delightful and allegorical though… maybe not that weird.. I look forward to reading it, and hopefully I’ll enjoy it 🙂

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