[Classics Club August Meme] My Favorite Classics

Participating this meme on the last day of the month ;). The question is, what is your favorite classics book, and why? I’ve got in my mind a number of classics books that I adore, but if I have to choose one, the one that just comes out prominently is.. Les Misérables.

I read it some years back and I remember my reading experience was a very memorable one. I found the book was so rich, be it the emotions, characters, plots, history, struggles and conflicts, even some nuances of the atmosphere. The themes of love, and forgiveness, moral quests and humanity are bound beautifully. All in all, I would say it is a great book about compassions. It was an intense and enjoyable reading, and when I reached the last page and closed the book, I felt as if I had just lost a good friend… That is, to me, is a sign of a very good book. You want more, and do not want it to end.

I’ve just realized that I started this blog by writing my thoughts on Les Misérables that I had just finished reading apparently. See review here (in Indonesian). Back then I read the abridged version, though it was rather long of nearly 700 pages. Now, part of my Classics Club Project, I plan to read and savor the complete version. Initially I wanted to read it sometime early next year, but when I knew that Tien from Tien’s Blurp was organizing a read along, I was so tempted to join in..

So, I’m joining Tien’s Les Misérables Read Along:

I am sure it’ll be an inspiring and even more enjoyable read revisiting this grand story :).

Thanks to Tien who is hosting this read along!

Just wanted to share a bit more about my other favorite classics books, those that come quickly into my mind are: Voltaire’s L’Ingénu, Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, and all books in Little House on The Prairie series. 🙂

7 thoughts on “[Classics Club August Meme] My Favorite Classics

  1. Just in the nick of time! I love Les Miserables, but I must admit that I am more familiar with the stage version than the actual novel. My edition was handed down to me through family connections, and was published in the late 1800s – and the translation is very difficult. I am determined to finish it though – I am (and have been) about half way through! Good luck with the read-a-long! -Sarah

    1. mademelani

      Oh what a treasure to have a book published in 1800! Anyway, I think this is the kind of book that we’d better read it rather in no rush and savour every bit of it. Good luck, too, with your second half of the book, I hope you enjoy it to the last page. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  2. joon*ann

    Les Misérables is on my list, and if I wasn’t already doing three read-a-longs I would of loved to join you. It sounds like a beautiful book. I’m reading one of your favorites now, Wuthering Heights, and I’m loving it. I love all the Little House books, too! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on books. 🙂

    1. mademelani

      Hello Joon*ann.. yes, I’m also glad there’s this read-a-long so that I can read the book together with the others and discuss. Glad to know that you like Wuthering Heights, it’s not a book with happy tone emotions though, but I loved it for its intensity and I think Emily is so genius! Little House series are my dear favorite, they brought warm-hearted feeling each time I read them..

  3. I see that Les Mis is soon to be released as a film in America (with Anne Hathaway, who’s not one of my favorite actresses, but anyway…). It always makes me smile because my son, who had a terribly difficult job in learning to read has long declared Les Mis his favorite book. That’s quite a leap, I think, to go from baby books to this one! I like the music from the opera, too. 🙂

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