Weekend Quote [1]

At this late silent hour of this weekend, I’d like to post two quotes from the little book I’ve reread recently, Le Petit Prince.

Les enfants seuls savent ce qu’ils cherchent.. (Only the children know what they look for..)

Toutes les grandes personnes ont d’abord été des enfants. Mais peu d’entre elles s’en souviennent.

[all adults were once children, but few of them remember it]

This is mentioned on the opening page of the book, as part of the note given by the author  as to whom the book was dedicated. However, the message touched me profoundly. I remember one time in my life when I prayed to God to please not take away the childhood in me, as I thought at the time that it would be good to preserve the childhood spirit at whatever age we are, that allows us to see the world (always) in wonder and admiration, to be able to find happiness in simple things, to have a never-ending source for imagination, and to accept things without explanation. And I thank God that at some degree I still have a child’s eye to see some joy in little things that life offers when I am at this age. I had completely forgot about this subtle fact or about the wish I once prayed for, until I read this note. (I think it is important to put it into consciousness). I am often busy with those pragmatic things that abound adult’s life, and yes, it is necessary, but I want to continuously remind myself to revive the childhood in me, see things in a more simple way, be happy more easily. Oh, I’d be so blessed!

Voici mon secret. Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.

[Here is my secret. It is very simple: one sees clearly only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes]

How often does appearance deceive us? How many times do we search too far to find that what we look for is so near? Read between the lines, it probably tells us the truth more than the words themselves. Ask your heart, it never lies.


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4 thoughts on “Weekend Quote [1]

  1. The book is in my list, yet I’ve never finished it. I just glanced at its content when my friend read it, once, and I liked what it says about an elephant in a python’s belly. It’s so funny.

  2. bzee

    oh, i lllove this book.. and i love your prayer about not take away the childhood in you 🙂
    i think this book meant to be reread frequently, so we won’t forget being ‘children’ 😀

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