Weekend Quote [4]

“… the very thing that had once been the source of his suffering had become the source of his spiritual joy, that what had seemed insoluble when he condemned, reproached and hated, became simple and clear when he forgave and loved.” (Anna Karenina, p. 418-419)

anna kareninaAlthough Alexei Alexandrovich, Anna’s husband, is not my favorite character in the book, this one reflection of thought of him is worth a notion. He was thinking about Anna and what she had done to him. He was suffered, angry, even wished her death. But then he pitied her for her suffering and repentance, and pitied her lover for his upcoming situation in his life. And he started to forgive them. Then the very joy of forgiveness, made it so that he felt not only relief from his suffering but also an inner peace that he had never felt before. He was free, spiritually.

We might tend to forget that the source for both a suffering and a joy can come from a same thing. We tend to quickly wish that in our life there would be no such things that can make us feel hate or reproach, while actually that same such things can also be sources for our inner peace, our state of happiness and contentment. It all depends on us. Our choices. And forgiving is indeed a strong act.

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